Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Benefit's They're Real Party

Lash Bash
by Benefit & Ipsy

           A few months ago I was chosen to host a Benefit party. I was so excited and honored.  Let me start this party review by saying I am deeply sorry to Benefit and Ipsy for taking so long to post about my amazing party.  I had a death in the family that week and it really affected my schedule.  But all that aside the party was amazing.

          With all the freebies and I just had to go out and buy all sorts of cute stuff for the party!

          I was not willing to take pictures while the party was happening just to respect everyones privacy.  But I did take plenty of pictures of the products and the decorations before the party.

          I invited friends and family; Cheerse, Katlyn, Jessica, Grace, Beatriz, Emily, Rosa, Tif and my mom.  We played the games, I gave away the two brow gels as prizes.  I also informed them on allot of the products shown and answered any questions they had.  We had loads of fun talking about make up and learning new things.  The ladies favorite part where the free samples they got to take home. They couldn't believe all the stuff and a few of them even knew the brand and couldn't believe that we where all get samples! We all love Benefit and we will all be buying more all due to this party!
        A special Thanks to Benefit and Ipsy!

Full review on all products to come...

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