Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ulta and Department store Haul

    I got my Ulta rewords last week and I finally got to the level of five, cross your fingers that some day I will reach level six for the free perfume!  And while I was out I ran by my local Macy's for one of my favorite foundations.

    So for my level five I got blowpro's mane tame soft pomade, it's like a finishing cream.  Its full size and very thick.  I have not seen much difference when I use it but I'm going to try it a little longer before I give up on it (for a return).   A $22 value.

    Along with that purchase they had a promo running that was "buy any blowpro product and get the blow weather girl, free".  So this full size item was also free.  It works as a frizz control and it seems to work really well, when paired with the mane tame.  Separately, I don't see much deference but together they are like magic.  Silky smooth hair all day long!   Again, a $22 value.
    I also had some returns to make, a NYX lip gloss, that the color just did not work on me and the KMS California hair stay dry Xtreme hairspray (in the travel size, a $7 value).   This hair spray has a very strong long lasting smell.  I personally did not like the smell, at all.  It also left my hair feeling very brittle and had no hold to it.  Not worth the money at all.

    So with my return money (plus a few extra pennies) I picked up the Euro Centrale collection from OPI in the mini bottles.  This set included the colors (from left to right) Can't find my czechbook, Suzi's hungary AGAIN!, You're such a budapest and OY-another polish joke!
(Upcoming swatches tomorrow Suzi's hungary AGAIN! )

    And last but very much not least.  At the mall I picked up this amazing silk creme foundation by Laura Mercier in the color Soft Ivory (the lightest color they make, lol).  It is a high end brand but the air brushed finish it gives is total worth the money.  It retails for $43.  Now I do want to say that I have oily skin so I have had a problem with this product staying on longer then six hours in my T zone.  But I am really trying to find a solution because I do love this foundation that much!  You could say I'm a little obsessed, lol.

(Aww bad picture, sorry guys!)
    I have to say that with sample hunting being a favorite past time of mine, the Laura Mercier counter is the nicest group of girls to get samples from.  They never do what I call "make you dance for it" (spend 15 to 20 min BS-ing before they are even willing to cough up a teeny tiny sample) and they never make you feel bad, like your taking advantage of the situation.  If you want me to buy your products then let me try them in comfort of my own home at the appropriate time.  Like after I wash my face for the night, when said moisturizer is meant to be applied (for example).  So with that little tid-bit out of the way.  I also picked up these two samples of Laura Mercier's oil free and mineral primers, hoping that one of these would help the staying power problem.
     If you have and question or comments leave them below.

Friday, February 22, 2013

February 2013 Birchbox

This months theme is "Red Carpet Ready"

    Let me start by saying I did not get my box until the 20th. Now I know that the blizzard had something to do with the shipping delay. But the service team assured me that my box would only be three days late tops. This is way more then three day. But besides the normal shipping head ache this box is pretty good. With very nice size samples, a full size (if you can call it full size) head band and nail polish the one thing everyone loves getting.

Color Club, Nail polish in Wild Cactus Full-size $8
Lancome, Bi-Facil Eye and Makeup remover Full-size $28
SKIN&Co Roma, Cleansing Body Gel Full-size $17.50
twistband, Thick Headband Set of 6 $20
Ghirardelli, Milk chocolate & Caramel Square

Box total: $24.47

To get your own Birchbox go to:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More free stuff from Influenster

I don't know why I got this one but still I'm happy! 

    If you remember back in October of last year I received a Palmolive Voxbox from Influenster (linked here) and then in January of this year I received what I call the Bonus box from Influenster and Palmolive (linked here). It is given to a select few that put in the extra work and get top ratings for there completed surveys, social media promotes and blogs reviews on the Voxbox they where sent. Well I have received another Bonus box from Influenster and Palmolive.  I'm not sure if it's for the original Palmolive Voxbox reviews or if it for the Bonus box reviews that I did (which you are not required to do). But regardless I'm thankful for the gifts! I received a Palmolive brand kitchen towel and a very nice heavy duty oven mitt.

So thanks again to Influenster and Palmolive you guys are AMAZING!

I received all products complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Fat Check from Ebates

    Last night I received my very first Big Fat Check from! How it works is you go to and threw there website you can find online rebates and coupon for over 1,500 stores. Plus every 3 months you get money just for shopping with And when you do it looks like this! 

    YAY! Happy dance time! But seriously people this is real I couldn't believe it when I got this in the mail. Getting paid for shopping online, AMAZING! So if you haven't heard of it or signed up yet, go check it out and sit back and wait for you Big Fat Check to come in the mail! did not pay me to write this blog, this is my personal experience.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

    Today is about something a little different, the ABC show “The Taste” is a very interesting cooking competition show. It has a combination of “top Chef” with the cook off aspect but the season starts out with a twist that resembles the singing show “The Voice”. Where the competitors are blindly judged and chosen by a group of four professionals that include Nigella Lawson who is a British food star, Ludo Lefebvre who is a chef and author, Brian Malarkey who is a restaurateur and Anthony Bourdain chef and TV host. They will compete against each other on teams to stay in the competition and win.

    The show starts off with a combination of competitors from professional chefs to home cooks. This show has everything a good show’s needs; it is funny and at time sweet, plus informational and very mouthwatering. In my opinion this show is a hit! I think between the sweetness of Nigella and the sourness of Anthony they make the show, hands down! At the end of the first episode we are left with 16 competitors that will compete on teams.

    Nigella’s team includes Renatta Lindsey, Lauren Scott, Huda Mu’min and Erika Monroe Williams.  Ludo’s team includes Sarah Schiear, Paul Caravell, Shawn Davis and Gregg Drusinsky.  Brian’s team includes Khristiane Uy, Jeff Mahin, Adam Pecha and Micah Kasman.  Anthony’s team includes Mia Morgenstern, Ninamarie Bojekian, Diane Dimeo and Uno Immanivong.  Competitors will be blindly judges at the end of each episode by all of the judges, so the judges do not know who they will be sending home. They could send home someone from their own team. So be sure to tune in to ABC every Tuesday at 8/7c to see who goes home and who will win “The Taste”.
Recommended by Influenster

DIY Nail Polish rack

Today I made this nail polish rack, it was super easy and best of all under $10!

    First you will need three foam boards. Cut two 30 x 2 inch strips for the sides from the first foam board.  From the second foam board cut seven 20 x 2 inch strips for the top, bottom and shelves.  You will need a hot glue gin to put everything together.  Start with gluing the 30 inch side pieces to the third and last full foam board.  Then add the top and bottom pieces, space out the shelves 5 inches apart and make sure to reinforce every seem top and bottom with hot glue.  Let dry for 30 minutes to and hour.  Then you will need four screws and wall anchor to secure the weight of the rack to the wall.  This rack will hold approximately 90 bottles of polish.
   Sorry I don't have step by step pictures. This was my first DIY blog and I completely forgot to take pictures while building.  But no worries, knowing me I'll need more storage soon and when I make the second one I'll be sure to take more pictures. Until then if you have any question or pictures of your own nail polish rack leave me a comment below. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Coupon Code Monday (Ulta & Sephora)

$10 off any $60 purchase online only from today until 3/9/13
Coupon code: SAVETEN


Fragrance flower ring free with any online purchase
Coupon code: RING

MURAD Age-balancing night cream and Age-diffusing firming mask sample free with any $25 online purchase.
Coupon code: REVITALIZE

boscia bb cream bronze deluxe sample free with any $25 online purchase.
Coupon code: BRONZEBB

*All of these offers I received as an email news letter. I do not get paid for this add.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free benetint (coupon code)

Get a FREE benetint deluxe mini with any $35 order! Enter BEADTIME at checkout. Offer valid through 2/18/2013 at 11:59pm Pacific. While in stock. Combinable with standard shipping promotions.

*benefit offer I received as an email. I do not get paid for this add.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Whats in my bag?

1. PocketBac in Twilight Woods from Bath and Body works- Hand sanitizer you don't want to catch a cold when your out and about.

2. Eiffel Tower wallet- It a hard case wallet I love it!

3. Eiffel Tower memo pad from Target- If you can't tell I love the Eiffel Tower and anything Paris related. And its important to have something to jot down those important notes.

4. Emery board- I can't stand being away from home and cracking a nail. Next thing you know the small crack has become a broken nail.  And being away from home and the mountain of nail products that I have, does me no good. So to save my nails that I have worked so hard to keep, I make sure I always have one of these handy.

5. boscia Green Tea Blotting linens- Truly I haven't tried these yet but I love everything I've ever tried from boscia so I'm sure they will come in handy some day.

6. Colgate wisp Max Fresh- Again I have not had the chance to use these yet but just knowing that I have them, just in case makes me feel allot better.

7. Loyalty cards- Everyone needs those mounds of loyalty cards if you want to save some money (and as a part-time coupon addict they can be worth hauling around). So I keep them all on a small key chain ones and put them all on their own key ring so the are easy to find and don't way down my keys.

8. Hair band- just in case

9. Pen- to write in the memo pad of cause

10. Buxom lip gloss and mirror in the color Copacabana- This gloss has a cute little mirror in it which is the main reason why it made it into my purse. It is a double product for me.  It is a nice nude color that smell like play-dough to me (which I love, I know I'm weird). This product give a nice tingling feeling when applied.
No longer available at Sephora.

11. Laura Mercier cream lip color in the color sparkling pink- Yay! This is my first Laura Mercier product. I love this brand and I'm so exited to finally have this. Its a very nice dark mauve. But I do have to say it's just average as far as lip sticks go. Not super long lasting and not the smoothest lipstick I own. But it looks great on me so its totally worth it.

12. Tape measure from The Container Store- I'm always buying new curtains or basket for a shelf. I constantly find a need to carry one of these around with me.

13. Feminine pad and tampon- obvious

14. Pepto-Bismal chewables- I'm mildly allergic to milk so if I eat Mexican food or pizza I have to have these with me!

15. Perfume vial of my favorite Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy- This is the perfume I wear the most and thankfully I received this little spray bottle sample in last months Birchbox.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Link up your beauty blog

Its hard to find beauty blogs out there, so lets support each other. Post your blog link in the comments below and while your their share the love, visit someone else!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet lavender by Rimmel london

    Rimmel London in Sweet lavender 60 seconds
Dries super fast and is opaque in one coat. Also has very good shine for only one coat. The bottle is a little smaller then most but for the price point that's under $3 its one of the best payoff's I've seen in retail stores.
   It's a pastel purple (show darker in picture) that is perfect for Spring time and Easter. I have had this polish on for a week now and have not had one chip! Very long lasting. I can't wait to pick up more colors from this line.