Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Nail Polish rack

Today I made this nail polish rack, it was super easy and best of all under $10!

    First you will need three foam boards. Cut two 30 x 2 inch strips for the sides from the first foam board.  From the second foam board cut seven 20 x 2 inch strips for the top, bottom and shelves.  You will need a hot glue gin to put everything together.  Start with gluing the 30 inch side pieces to the third and last full foam board.  Then add the top and bottom pieces, space out the shelves 5 inches apart and make sure to reinforce every seem top and bottom with hot glue.  Let dry for 30 minutes to and hour.  Then you will need four screws and wall anchor to secure the weight of the rack to the wall.  This rack will hold approximately 90 bottles of polish.
   Sorry I don't have step by step pictures. This was my first DIY blog and I completely forgot to take pictures while building.  But no worries, knowing me I'll need more storage soon and when I make the second one I'll be sure to take more pictures. Until then if you have any question or pictures of your own nail polish rack leave me a comment below. 

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