Monday, February 11, 2013

Whats in my bag?

1. PocketBac in Twilight Woods from Bath and Body works- Hand sanitizer you don't want to catch a cold when your out and about.

2. Eiffel Tower wallet- It a hard case wallet I love it!

3. Eiffel Tower memo pad from Target- If you can't tell I love the Eiffel Tower and anything Paris related. And its important to have something to jot down those important notes.

4. Emery board- I can't stand being away from home and cracking a nail. Next thing you know the small crack has become a broken nail.  And being away from home and the mountain of nail products that I have, does me no good. So to save my nails that I have worked so hard to keep, I make sure I always have one of these handy.

5. boscia Green Tea Blotting linens- Truly I haven't tried these yet but I love everything I've ever tried from boscia so I'm sure they will come in handy some day.

6. Colgate wisp Max Fresh- Again I have not had the chance to use these yet but just knowing that I have them, just in case makes me feel allot better.

7. Loyalty cards- Everyone needs those mounds of loyalty cards if you want to save some money (and as a part-time coupon addict they can be worth hauling around). So I keep them all on a small key chain ones and put them all on their own key ring so the are easy to find and don't way down my keys.

8. Hair band- just in case

9. Pen- to write in the memo pad of cause

10. Buxom lip gloss and mirror in the color Copacabana- This gloss has a cute little mirror in it which is the main reason why it made it into my purse. It is a double product for me.  It is a nice nude color that smell like play-dough to me (which I love, I know I'm weird). This product give a nice tingling feeling when applied.
No longer available at Sephora.

11. Laura Mercier cream lip color in the color sparkling pink- Yay! This is my first Laura Mercier product. I love this brand and I'm so exited to finally have this. Its a very nice dark mauve. But I do have to say it's just average as far as lip sticks go. Not super long lasting and not the smoothest lipstick I own. But it looks great on me so its totally worth it.

12. Tape measure from The Container Store- I'm always buying new curtains or basket for a shelf. I constantly find a need to carry one of these around with me.

13. Feminine pad and tampon- obvious

14. Pepto-Bismal chewables- I'm mildly allergic to milk so if I eat Mexican food or pizza I have to have these with me!

15. Perfume vial of my favorite Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy- This is the perfume I wear the most and thankfully I received this little spray bottle sample in last months Birchbox.

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