Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

    Today is about something a little different, the ABC show “The Taste” is a very interesting cooking competition show. It has a combination of “top Chef” with the cook off aspect but the season starts out with a twist that resembles the singing show “The Voice”. Where the competitors are blindly judged and chosen by a group of four professionals that include Nigella Lawson who is a British food star, Ludo Lefebvre who is a chef and author, Brian Malarkey who is a restaurateur and Anthony Bourdain chef and TV host. They will compete against each other on teams to stay in the competition and win.

    The show starts off with a combination of competitors from professional chefs to home cooks. This show has everything a good show’s needs; it is funny and at time sweet, plus informational and very mouthwatering. In my opinion this show is a hit! I think between the sweetness of Nigella and the sourness of Anthony they make the show, hands down! At the end of the first episode we are left with 16 competitors that will compete on teams.

    Nigella’s team includes Renatta Lindsey, Lauren Scott, Huda Mu’min and Erika Monroe Williams.  Ludo’s team includes Sarah Schiear, Paul Caravell, Shawn Davis and Gregg Drusinsky.  Brian’s team includes Khristiane Uy, Jeff Mahin, Adam Pecha and Micah Kasman.  Anthony’s team includes Mia Morgenstern, Ninamarie Bojekian, Diane Dimeo and Uno Immanivong.  Competitors will be blindly judges at the end of each episode by all of the judges, so the judges do not know who they will be sending home. They could send home someone from their own team. So be sure to tune in to ABC every Tuesday at 8/7c to see who goes home and who will win “The Taste”. 

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