Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ulta and Department store Haul

    I got my Ulta rewords last week and I finally got to the level of five, cross your fingers that some day I will reach level six for the free perfume!  And while I was out I ran by my local Macy's for one of my favorite foundations.

    So for my level five I got blowpro's mane tame soft pomade, it's like a finishing cream.  Its full size and very thick.  I have not seen much difference when I use it but I'm going to try it a little longer before I give up on it (for a return).   A $22 value.

    Along with that purchase they had a promo running that was "buy any blowpro product and get the blow weather girl, free".  So this full size item was also free.  It works as a frizz control and it seems to work really well, when paired with the mane tame.  Separately, I don't see much deference but together they are like magic.  Silky smooth hair all day long!   Again, a $22 value.
    I also had some returns to make, a NYX lip gloss, that the color just did not work on me and the KMS California hair stay dry Xtreme hairspray (in the travel size, a $7 value).   This hair spray has a very strong long lasting smell.  I personally did not like the smell, at all.  It also left my hair feeling very brittle and had no hold to it.  Not worth the money at all.

    So with my return money (plus a few extra pennies) I picked up the Euro Centrale collection from OPI in the mini bottles.  This set included the colors (from left to right) Can't find my czechbook, Suzi's hungary AGAIN!, You're such a budapest and OY-another polish joke!
(Upcoming swatches tomorrow Suzi's hungary AGAIN! )

    And last but very much not least.  At the mall I picked up this amazing silk creme foundation by Laura Mercier in the color Soft Ivory (the lightest color they make, lol).  It is a high end brand but the air brushed finish it gives is total worth the money.  It retails for $43.  Now I do want to say that I have oily skin so I have had a problem with this product staying on longer then six hours in my T zone.  But I am really trying to find a solution because I do love this foundation that much!  You could say I'm a little obsessed, lol.

(Aww bad picture, sorry guys!)
    I have to say that with sample hunting being a favorite past time of mine, the Laura Mercier counter is the nicest group of girls to get samples from.  They never do what I call "make you dance for it" (spend 15 to 20 min BS-ing before they are even willing to cough up a teeny tiny sample) and they never make you feel bad, like your taking advantage of the situation.  If you want me to buy your products then let me try them in comfort of my own home at the appropriate time.  Like after I wash my face for the night, when said moisturizer is meant to be applied (for example).  So with that little tid-bit out of the way.  I also picked up these two samples of Laura Mercier's oil free and mineral primers, hoping that one of these would help the staying power problem.
     If you have and question or comments leave them below.

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