Monday, October 1, 2012

Influenster's new page!

Influenster has revamped them page!

  The website itself is much better, easier to understand and just plain fun to look at. But the downside they promised that all of you previous reviews, badges, surveys and extras where all kept and on the new page.  Well that's not the case! I put in allot of work into this program, in fact hours of work. Mostly because it was good for my blog, my friends and family love hearing about new things I've tried and they love hearing about the different box services I'm reviewing. But also who doesn't love getting to try out new products for FREE!  So the fact that all that time has been wasted and lost is very frustrating.  So what do I do I sit down to re-due all my info and hard work just to find out that now there are limits to how much you can do in one day (or one week I'm not quite sure). So now I'm on the fence to what I should do. I have sent in an email to see if they will fix the problem, but we will have to wait to see what happens (previous emails have gone completely unanswered!) .  But for the sake of such a good program I think I will wait and see if they can work the bugs out.
  Overall this is a great program to join! But if your already a part of it, its going to be a little rocky for a while.

 If you would like to join

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