Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 2013 Ipsy #2

    This months bag looked so good in the "Sneak Peeks" (found here) that I had to pick up an extra one to make sure I got as many of these full size goodies as I could.  So this one is my second one (first one found here).  I'm very happy I picked up an extra because what I really wanted was the St. Tropez fell tanner (i got in the 1st bag) and one of the Pacifica rollerball perfumes (got in the 2nd bag).  But it didn't look like their where very many bags that came with both, so this worked out perfect.

    Both of my Yaby concealers came in cc008 buff. Full size refill cost of $5.06  Coupon code ipsyluvsyabycc20 .  I was hoping this one would be light (I made sure my profile said LIGHT) but I guess they ran out of the lightest one?  The buff work for now, with my light tan but when winter comes around I will not be able to use either of them.  Which is kind of sad because they are really nice concealers.  They are cream, blend able and long-lasting not to mention I check out the site where you can purchase them and they are nicely priced.  I would defiantly repurchase this one.

    I forgot to do a picture of just the Zoya nail polish in Gie Gie full size cost of $8 .  Coupon code is ipsyz, buy 2 bottles and get 1 free +plus 1oz. polish remover and $5 shipping (picture found at top of page) Sorry, but I will update and add nail swatches later.  However I can say that I have already tried this product (twice) and don't love it.  No matter what I do I get so many bubbles in it I have to take it off.  I don't shake my polish so I'm not sure that could be causing this.  I even tried it using OPI's drying drops thinking that I was painting to fast. But the last time I tried it I took 2 hours trying to space it out and give it enough time to dry and it still happened.  So if you have any ideas on what happened please let me know.

    Mirabella colour sheers in the color Posy.  Full size at 0.11 oz. cost of $22 .  Coupon code is  IPSY50 for 50% off colour sheers or IPSY30 for 30% off any purchase.  I did not care one way or the other abut getting a lipstick but I was pleasantly surprised but this one.

    It is not a color I would normal pick for myself. It looks scarier then it really is.  But I think it look really good and very sheer so the color is not overwhelming. 

    Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow gel in clear. Sample size 0.085 oz. full size cost $22 .  There is no coupon code for this one!  Whats up with that Ipsy?  This item I don't need I have two other products that work just fine.  So originally I was going to trade them for something else that I liked but then I stopped to think about it and the whole reason I signed up for these services is to try new products and one that I normally wouldn't buy myself.
    So I decided to keep it, I've never tried this one before and, or anything else from this brand for that matter. So I think I might do a review and comparison blog for you gals.  If you like to see it please leave a comment below.

    And lastly I got the Pacifica rollerball in Tahitian Gardenia Full size at .33 oz. cost of $12 .  Coupon code is Beauty20 for 20% off purchase.  This was the sent I wanted and now I kind of wish I had gotten the other one.
    So what did I do went I first got this one?... being that I was so excited to get the sent I wanted I layered it up like I was bathing in it!  And man that was the wrong thing to do with this one.  The sent is so strong, (which could be considered a good thing compared to the other ones that when reviewed, last only about an hour or two and smelled very faint) it's strong enough to make try to was it off.  Key word here was TRY, with no success.  This perfume gave me a headache for hours.
    I haven't been brave enough to try it again, all though I know it was my fault that I didn't like it because how I decided to roll it up and down my arms, lol.  I think on my second try it will be a nice sent.  Not one I would use every day but I would carry it in my purse for emergencies, I almost never go without perfume.
Total bag value $53.74 +plus a gift card for $110 off NuMe.  (This one was the more expensive one with 4 full size items.)

    If you like this posting and would like to see more Ipsy and subscription services reviewed, please leave a comment below.  And if you would like to pick up you own Ipsy bag find it here.

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