Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review on NYC NEW Liquid Eyeliner

    I received this liquid eyeliner from NYC in the color black.  For participating in the NYC brand challenge from the Holiday Voxbox back in December (found here).  When you review a product from a Voxbox each brand will usually have a giveaway that everyone has a chance to win.   And some brands, like NYC will give everyone a bonus gifts.  I had not received any of the bonus boxes/gifts that I knew I was illegible for as of two weeks ago.  So I contacted Inlfuenster about this just to make sure that it hadn't gotten lost in the mail (because we have very bad mail service here).  Inlfuenster's reply to me was "not everyone gets a box."  well that doesn't answer my question.   I was not asking about a Voxbox and I was asking if the prizes for the brand challenges had gone out get.
    So six months after receiving my Holiday Voxbox I am just know starting to receive the brand challenge prizes.  (Still with no good answer for Inlfuenster).  So if you had this same problem (Inlfuenster will have no clue what you're asking them and frankly there replies are short and rude) but don't worry the items are on there way, they are just very very late.  I have also received my Impress brand bonus box that I will post with a review later. 

    So now that I have that rant out of the way lets talk about the product.  I don't use liquid eyeliner but if I did this one would make it very easy to use.  With a small tipped brush and a very black formula that is easy to control and very pigmented.

    Its a little gloppy at first but like I said I'm not experienced when it comes to liquid liners.  It did not smudge and had to be removed with a makeup remover wipe so it will not just wipe away.  I think its a great formula and for the price of  $2.99 its worth having in your collection. It can be found at any Walmart, Target and most drugstore.  So go pick one up and let me know what you think about it.
    Thank you to Inlfuenster and NYC for this product.  And as always thanks for reading XoXo.

Ps. Inlfuenster PLEASE work on your support staff!

I received all products for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.

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