Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July 2013 Birchbox

July 2013 Birchbox

     Curly Hair Solutions by Jonathan Torch, Curl Keeper "total control for frizzy hair" (forgot to take a separate picture)
I'm not a fan of foil packets and this is only one tiny step up from that. In a paper packet that is larger that most foils (at 1 fl. oz.), its still not resealable so once you open it it can dry out pretty fast.  I have not tried it yet but I have high hopes with the full size price tag at only $10 it would defiantly be worth the purchase.

     Juicy Couture Couture La La
I already have two of the Juicy couture fragrances and I love them both so I really want to try this new sent.  I don't mind getting the perfume samples in my box as long as they make up for it on one of the other items.

     ModelCo Party Proof Matte lipstick in the color "get naked"
I have said this before I don't understand why everyone assumes that every one's perfect nude is all the same this lip color looks like the frosted lips of the 80' on me.  It's horrible my lips are naturally more of a mauve rose tone and this is flesh color.  So I like the fact that I receive a full size lipstick (but in cheaper packaging then the ModelCo brands original package) but it might as well have not been in the box that's how bad the color is.  I wish they could make there beauty profile a little more specific and ask the right questions.  Because stuff like this should not happen.

      Benta Berry G-1 moisturizing face cream
I am so over the tons of moisturizers that Birchbox sends out.  They are all practically the same... nothing special.  I pay for the box to receive things I haven't heard of that are actually worth buying, not to receive brands I've never heard of from some other country that are no better that my American store brands.  I wont blow my socks off high end samples and or travel sizes!

     Birchbox Bobby Pins
Not impressed, I don't wear hair accessories and this things are so big and heavy I'm not sure that there cuteness is worth the head ache I will get from wearing them.  But a-las It could be worse, I hear next months beauty extra is post cards again! (Ugh, eye roll)

          This box total is hard to figure this month on account of the lipstick is full-size but not the original packaging that included a mirror.

Box Total: less then $34.49

Pick up your own Birchbox here.

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