Friday, August 23, 2013

Victoria's Secret purchases

Victoria's Secret

          I made a much need trip to one of my favorite places in the Mall resonantly and these lovelies are what I brought home with me.
          Pink luminous body bronzer in the scent "sunkissed" I have tried it once, but I did not exfoliate before applying so it did not go on evenly.  I still have to try again before I can really give a good option on this one but I can say it smells like coconut and I just love the coconut scent in the summer.  Its also a huge bottle at 8.4 fl. oz. much better then the ones from the drug store.
          I love the sent Fresh & Clean, by PINK.  I picked up this sent in the travel size body spray to carry in my purse not to long ago and I loved it so much I had to go back and get the rest of the set.  I picked up this 2 in 1 wash & scrub and the body lotion.   The scrub beads are allot smaller then I'm use to, it was a very nice change to the aggressive body scrubs that I already own.  The sent is fresh and long lasting and when layered with the body lotion it lasts all day.  They carry two sizes of the lotion the one I picked up is the large tub (16.9 fl. oz.) and its perfect to leave out (I leave it out on my night stand) because it is so freakin cute!
          Next time you go into Victoria's Secret you have to try this sent.  This will be a long time repurchase for me.

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