Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 2013 Birchbox

This months theme is "March Madness"

     I received my Birchbox on the 13th which is earlier then usual for me.  And as a whole I like this box, its got good size items and some new stuff.  Like this eye shadow from MAKE, I have never gotten such a cute little eye shadow before.  The MAKE eyeshadow is a dark chocolate brown with a black undertone, with no shimmer and very pigmented.  Also if you remember back in my December Birchbox I received the Nick Chavez Volume Shampoo.  I did not like it at all, it made my hair very tangly!  So I don't think I will like this one but I will still try it.  Another new and never seen, this exclusive Birchbox emery board.

So what I had in my box:
MAKE eyeshadow in the color Burnt Umber Full-size $18 
Make, Face primer SPF 30 Full-size $30
Nickchavez Beverly Hills, Color-saver sulfate free shampoo Full-size $22 
Whish, Shave crave shaving cream in the scent blueberry Full-size $20
Beauty Extra:
Madewell for birchbox, Emery Board Full-Size $5

Box total: $24.22

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