Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bam-Blue-Zled from Ulta, nail polish

    This is a new polish I picked up with my Ulta reward points.  I didn't have that many this time so I just got this polish and so cotton rounds to use with my toner.  This is that Ulta store brand in the color Bam-blue-zled.  This kind of a periwinkle color, showing more grey in picture. Sorry.  Three coats to opaque and yes my top nail is a hot mess!  I really like the formula of the Ulta polishes I have three know and they last a while, although this one could have shinned more.  But That nothing a good top coat wont fix.  So thanks for reading as always XoXo.

And if you have a favorite color from Ulta, please let me know what to get next.

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