Sunday, June 2, 2013

Whimsical Nail polish from Revlon

Revlon nail polish in the color Whimsical

I got this polish at my local Kroger store which is remodeling to be a Super Kroger.  So a bunch of there stuff was discounted to make sure they could get it all in its new place.  Well this nail polish was one such item, lucky me!   I have been eyeing this polish since it came out but I never broke down and bought it because I don't usually go for glitters.  So I have just admiring it from afar.  I found it for $1.89 which is a good deal compared to the normal price of $3.74.  This swatch included a base coat and four coats for the Whimsical polish which is quite allot.  But it looks beautiful I even have planes to put it over one of my new blue polishes (coming soon).  It was kind of a pain to take off but all glitters are.  But no worries I have a trick for that... see it here.  
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