Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2013 Ipsy

June "On the wild side"

           This months bag is a leopard print bag with neon yellow zipper trim. With 5 full size products, its totally worth the money (of $10).  Pick one up for yourself here.

 False Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue.  Full size box with one set of EL79 Lashes a very full and dramatic lash plus a small tube of lash glue.  A valvue of $3.99 coupon code is LOVEIPSY for 25% off at   I have been wanting to try some false lashes.  I have never worn them before because my eyelashes are pretty long already but I'd like try them for some fullness.  Even tho these are a little to full they will be nice to try.  You never know I might end up loving them

 sparkling cream palette in the color Volta. Full size at a cost of $4.49 coupon code is LOVEIPSY for 25% off at   This is the only item out of the whole bag that I dislike.  The glitter is huge and it's not recommended for use on eyes, which for me doesn't make since to have unless your a costume makeup artist.  When swatching the glitter comes of the palette with no cream color just the lose glitter. I will not be using this item.

         Cailyn Linefix gel eyeliner in the color Iron. Full size at a cost of $21.00 the coupon code is ipsy30 to receive 30% off at   Lucky me this is another make up item that I've been die-ing to try but didn't know where to start.  This gel liner is very cute it comes with a built in brush.

          Nyx Mosaic Powder in the color Dare. Full size at the cost of $7.00 coupon code is IPSY15 for 15% off or IPSYCHEEKS for 40% off Tango with bronzing powder at   This blush is considered a rose gold color and is very pigmented, I used it once so far at it was kind of scary, lol.

          Starlooks lip pencil in the color Tickle Me Pink.  Full size at the cost of $12.00 coupon code is IPSY for 35% off  It is very creamy but the color is to bright for me.  My lips are naturally a little darker then most and this color is just not flattering at all.  I might try it a couple more times before I give it away.

(Swatches left Starlooks Tickle Me Pink and right Cailyn in the color Iron)

          Box total is $48.48

If you would like your own My Glam Bag from Ipsy click here.

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