Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review on TRESemme's NEW Platinum Strength series

I picked TRESemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray and the Deep Conditioning Treatment about two months ago after see a review and recommendation from Tracy and Stef from EleventhGorgoues.
    The deep conditioner claims to repair up to 2 years of damage and can be as often as needed.  Instructions say "Apply generous amount, leave on for 3-4 minutes and rinse."  This one was the first thing I used and was very exited to try.  I have very long color-treated curly hair, its about 6 inch from my waist line.  So I'm use to having to use allot of product but with this deep treatment I had to use about 1/3 of the bottle to cover all of my hair.  That's allot even for me and I have tried allot of deep conditioners.  On top of using up almost half of the product in the first day, it did NOTHING for my hair!  I will go back to using my Wen and Palmers coconut oil formula, deep conditioning pack since I have had great result with both of these.  And will not repurchase the TRESemme Platinum Strength Deep conditioning treatment.
    As for the heat protect spray, I have never used just a spray .  I usually would use a curl serum that has a heat protectant in it.  But  now that I have been try out allot of new hair products, I find that I don't always have one that includes a heat protectant. So picking up one was obvious.  I do allot of blow drying, flat ironing and I use an Instyler.  It has a nice smell, sprays evenly and is not heavy on my hair.  I have noticed my hair is tamer (less breakage and/or frizz) after using this with a blow dryer.
  So in the end yes to the Heat Protect and no to the deep conditioner.  Also available in the series is a matching shampoo and condition.  Thank you for reading XoXo.

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