Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013 Birchbox Wanderlust

Here is the new look of the Birchbox boxes.  Booo!

          I loved the cute pink letters and I loved the old logo.  Now I do understand what Birchbox is trying to do by saying that they provide more then just women's beauty products.  They have expanded to carry men's products and house hold items.  And I'm sure that the idea to extend the new look to include new boxes, was so that they only have to produce one box for all subscriptions (both women's and men's) services.  But I like my pink girly boxes and now I just get a boring old box like the men, I say again booo!

 June 2013 Birchbox
Wanderlust (Theme)

          My box had five sample if you can call them that.  I have been very disappointed in my boxes for the last 3 months.  Each box has had one item that kind of saved the box for me, otherwise I would have canceled.  There has been allot of smaller that normal sample sizes lately, plus some of those samples have being less then half full. 

These "samples" are made in this package as a post card mailer (seen on the backside not shown).  

          The samples are pill pack form and smaller then a penny!  With it including a cream cleanser that in my opinion is to small to clean your face with.  Also a serum extract stated to be a 2 in 1 day time moisturizer, a eye emulsion with anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant; and a night moisturizer.

The bottle is cute and as far as lotion goes it a nice sample but I don't like the smell that is mostly a musk smell not so much grapefruit.  And the fell is very very light, after two minutes it feels like it has done nothing for your skin.  1.5 fl. oz.
         This is kind of funny I read the card from Birchbox and it reads "from Italy", then I was reading the bottle and it says "Made in USA Indianapolis, IN" So which is it? lol.

Of course I would get this one seeing as I just bought a full size heat protectent, lol (found here).  But I have heard good things about this so, we will see.  Approximately 1 fl. oz.

          Even tho this is only a half size polish this is the only thing that I love, this color is just what I've been looking for a neon coral.  Perfect for summer.  Hopefully it will look just as good outside the bottle and not take 5 coats.  I will post swatch ASAP. 0.25 fl. oz.

Lifestyle Extra

          I would have rather get only four "samples" in this box then receive gum!  This is getting ridiculousness from head bands that don't work, nail file that don't work, tea that I wont drink, men's cologne and a PEN!  They are bring the whole box down by putting something so ridiculous in it.  Please Birchbox  fill this space with cute things or nothing at all.

Box Total $12.70

          You have got to be kidding me!  On top of the very low box total, I think allot of it is over priced.  Like the individual nail polish is worth $2, yeah right! The teeny tiny samples from 29 is worth $4.51 and the GUM... (wait for it) a whopping .25c.  At that cost why didn't they just put a whole pack of gum?  Not that, that would change my mind about getting gum in my box but it might have for some people.

          Tell me what you think?  Was your box this bad? Are you done with Birchbox?
Thanks for reading. XoXo

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